County to purge voters list

Published 12:27 pm Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Staff Writer
About 3,000 Escambia County citizens could be removed from the county voter list early next year. The total number of voters in the county is 22,284.
The purge list, compiled by the county Board of Registrars office and maintained and submitted by the State of Alabama, is included in this edition of The Advance.
Names are included on this list for several reasons, according to Bertha Lawson, who is on the county board with Evelyn Elliott and Alice Summerville.
The voter's address has not been updated to the 911 address.
The voter is removed when convicted of a felony.
The voter is deceased.
The voter has not voted in four years in any election.
County Administrator Tony Sanks said the county purges the list every four years, the last time being in January 1997.
A voter whose name is on the list is asked to contact the Board of Registrars immediately for information on updating his registration. The deadline is Dec. 29.
If the voter does not update his record, his named will be removed from the county voter list.
If the voter does not contact the board, the board will try to contact the voter.
Two cards will be mailed out. The first is non-forwardable, meaning that if it cannot be delivered, it must be returned to the board.
If that card comes back, a forwardable card is mailed. If that card is not returned, the voter's name remains on the list to be purged.
The Escambia County Board of Registrars is available, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, (334) 867-0243 or (334) 867-0364.

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