Time to reflect on importance of season

Published 12:31 pm Wednesday, December 20, 2000

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Tragic! That's the best way to describe it, and to make matters worse, it happened just before Christmas. Last Saturday a series of tornados swept through our state, destroying many homes and taking the lives of 12 people.
Any of us who have lost a loved one can recall that first Christmas without them. Surely this holiday season is particularly difficult for many families throughout the state.
This calls us to reflect on what the Christmas season means to us.
Family comes to mind.
Understanding the role family plays in our lives and making them a priority is not only important but necessary.
Church comes to mind.
A church is more than a building we visit each week. It's a refuge. A place where we commune with family and friends.
Love comes to mind.
Within a family and a church, there is love. It's something that shouldn't be taken for granted, should be nurtured and depended upon.
A time of giving and sharing comes to mind.
Helping those in our community who are less fortunate is especially rewarding. It's trite but true. It's better to give than to receive.
Children come to mind.
They represent what is great about the holiday season. Their joy and laughter keeps us young and it gives the season meaning.
The birth of Christ comes to mind.
If not for the birth of Christ, there would be no reason for this day. He is the reason for our being.
The birth of Christ was God made flesh to give us life. For the believer, it gives the basis for living.
Thankfulness comes to mind.
We should be thankful we live in a country that values personal freedom, where we worship as we please, thankful we live in a city where we feel our families are safe, and thankful we have plenty to eat, a roof over our heads and clothes to wear.
It comes to mind that once a year we should reflect on what is truly important.
We've tried to do this here.
Merry Christmas, Atmore.

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