Hold on post office meets mixed reaction

Published 1:02 pm Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Advance Publisher
Monday's announcement that Atmore has been removed from the list of active cities receiving a new postal facility was met with mixed reaction.
After the meeting, several area merchants expressed their satisfaction about the decision.
Tuesday, Joey Kelley, owner of Joey's Furniture located on North Main Street, said he had left a message for Kerry Pfrimmer, real estate specialist for the postal service, in an attempt to get an explanation on why the decision was made to remove Atmore from the active list.
Kelley said given the decision by the USPS, the time is perfect for the city to go ahead and make a decision on where a new facility would be located. "I think Mayor Shell's idea to form a committee to look at this issue is a great idea and this is a great time for us to get an answer on this issue so that when the post office comes back and is ready to build, we are ready. I was excited for Atmore and to stop at this point would be unfortunate."
Pfrimmer returned Kelley's call late Tuesday afternoon. According to Kelley, Pfrimmer told him the project to build a new post office in Atmore has not been canceled but delayed for one year due to budget constraints.
According to Kelley, Pfrimmer said the post office could not do additional drawings of a new postal facility but if business leaders or the city wanted to do so and submit them to postal representatives, they would be glad to consider any that meet postal specifications.
Others speculated that the new administration in the White House could have played a part in the decision to remove Atmore from the active list.
Responding to concerns that the postal service didn't give a explanation for Monday's decision, Mayor Shell said Tuesday the only explanation given was "budget constraints."
Shell said Pfrimmer called him Monday regarding the decision and would not go on the record as to why the decision was made.

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