People should decide who will serve as judges

Published 1:40 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
Elect all judges!
There is but one way to satisfy the damage done in the minds of Americans concerning the recent election of the president. It is imperative that judges at all levels be elected; even when a judge dies or resigns from office. This matter should take place at all levels; thirty days after a death on the bench or resignation or removal from office. An election at every level should take place to give control of the courts back to the people.
The appointment of a president in a situation where one candidate gets a majority of the votes, but not the electoral college in a serious issue. What we have witnessed in Florida should never happen again and the midnight shadiness of this land's high courts should not be cast upon the people ever again!
Why not change the rules that so greatly divide our people! It's wrong! What is even more unpleasant to the voting public is to hear an appointed president jokingly use the word "dictator" so soon after his appointment. This is totally dangerous and wrong! Totally! He also has said alot about being a delegator. Too much of delegating power could so quickly come in conflict with Americans; whether they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents.
It further should be remembered that U.S. Senators were once appointed by a handful of chosen few. If that could be changed then why not wipe out the electoral college and do away with appointed judgeships at every level. I have been a long time advocate of having all judges elected by the people. As we see it today; it is time to make changes to the system.
I once said in an introduction of the Honorable Robert E. L. Key of Evergreen that I hoped I lived long enough to cast a ballot for him to serve on the United States Supreme Court. I look back on that statement today and know that out there, all across America, there are many well educated and well rounded individuals who could serve well but are always overlooked by those appointing their friends and good ole buddies!
Electing working judges would serve us best! We in a democracy should never have to contend with any midnight hour decisions by any judges at any level. We expect better and are entitled to respect in return from those that serve us!
Maston M. Mims, Sr.
Former State Senator

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