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Published 2:27 pm Wednesday, February 28, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
In today's cultural climate, would Jesus march on Washington? Would he carry a sign? Would Jesus participate in a life chain? Would He lobby a State Senate? We will only find the answers to all of these questions when we see Him "face to face" someday.
Yet there is one thing we know Jesus would do when it comes to the question of the sanctity of human life: Jesus would reach out and touch people with compassion. The Gospels are full of such moments – the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, blind eyes healed. Jesus touched lives with compassion and showed us that in Him there is hope.
Every board member, director, and counselor at Sav-A-Live (SAL) has the same goal: reaching out in love that only comes from a heart that allows His love and Grace to flow through it. No, we're not sure of everything Jesus might do when it comes to protecting life, but we know He would reach out in love to those who are "In the valley of decision." That's the only reason we are here.
SAL ministry includes, FREE-confidential pregnancy testing, "Preparing for my Baby" classes a care closet, 24-hour hot-line, "Guard Your Heat" (an abstinence education program provided to schools and youth groups), restoration ministries (a 12-week Bible based healing program for the woman suffering from post abortion trauma). Since the State no longer provides pregnancy testing, SAL has been providing this service to women of Escambia and Conecuh for the past year.
Sav-A-Life has been serving women in crisis since 1987 in Escambia County. During this time they have had, 5000 hotline calls, and have seen 3500 clients in the office. One hundred have prayed to receive Christ.
If you individually, or as a church or club, would like to join us, we invite you to participate in "Walk For Life," May 19th. There will be three locations for you to choose from, Brewton, Flomaton and Atmore, for your walk. This will be our fundraiser to provide the services listed above.
We receive no funding from the state or the federal government. If you would like to walk call 867-4947 in Brewton or 368-4949 Atmore.
If you would consider being a counselor call the same numbers and ask for Kaye or Ruth. The next counselor training will be in the evenings beginning March 13, 15, 20 and 22. Join us as we reach out to touch the hurting today in His Name. Together let us follow in His footsteps.
In His Service,
Carolyn Larrimore
Brewton, Alabama

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