Bomb threat empties Z-Tel complex

Published 4:10 pm Sunday, March 25, 2001

Advance Publisher
The caller said a bomb would go off in five minutes.
And everyone at Z-Tel took the call seriously.
At 22 minutes after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon, someone called Z-Tel and said there was a bomb on the premise.
According to Corman, once the bomb threat came in each building was told to evacuate immediately.
Corman said once everyone was out of the building and safe, they called the police.
Evacuating a business like Z-Tel is complicated by the nature of their business. Providing customer support requires workers at Z-Tel to work on the telephone a good portion of the day.
Corman said the fire and police departments searched buildings by priority so that business could return to normal as quickly as possible.
According to Atmore police chief Danny McKinley, making these kinds of threats in a serious offense, one that law enforcement officials take very seriously.

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