Hat's off to Chamber

Published 4:28 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2001

By Staff
Our hat's off to the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce for recent endeavors.
First, for bringing us a seminar on the book by Spencer Johnson, M.D., Who Moved My Cheese? If you didn't attend last Thursday's two-hour seminar, you (as they say) missed a treat.
With Diana Gillam as facilitator and a book that every one of the 60-plus people in the room could relate to, the interactive seminar was entertaining and informative. Most gatherings in Atmore, regardless of the purpose, evolve into a social event, and this was no exception.
Who Moved My Cheese? is about change and how we adapt (or don't) to it. And everything changes – our lives, our businesses, our careers. No aspect of our lives stays the same all the time. This seminar gave everyone the opportunity to look inward and laugh at ourselves if need be, or perhaps resolve to change ourselves. It was a worthwhile two hours.
We appreciate the Chamber bringing this seminar to us, and we hope to see more in the future. Attendance should indicate that many of us embrace such programs.
For those of you who did not even consider attending Who Moved My Cheese?, we ask that you reconsider next time a similar opportunity comes along. We can have quality seminars and workshops in Atmore, but we must support them.
Thanks to First Presbyterian Church for their hospitality. Thanks to the Chamber for moving our cheese.
Secondly, we recognize the Chamber of Commerce, and in particular the Spotlight Committee, for shining a light on one of Atmore's most deserving citizens – Mark Elkins.
At Monday's City Council meeting, Chamber Executive Director Emilie Mims and Spotlight Committee Chairman Carolyn Crane presented the Spotlight Award to Mark for his daily contribution to the aesthetics of our city.
Always with a wave and usually with a smile, Mark gives the city more than his job requires. He is one of the rare people of whom it truly can be said, "He knows everybody and everybody knows him."
Rain or shine, hot or cold, Mark is out cleaning up after us. Think about it next time you see him out on Atmore's streets.
The Chamber reminds us that every job is important, and that no one should be taken for granted.

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