Alabama does not need new constitution

Published 5:12 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
So we now hear more rumble about the Alabama Constitution. The truth is we can never have a new constitution that pleases everyone. First of all, public polls on this issue can easily be influenced and or manipulated. Polls are just that – polls! A poll never reflects how we vote come election day.
Since 1901, we have heard of the dislike of the constitution. A hundred years have come and gone and we still hear the same cry! Federal laws have in many cases removed distasteful and objectionable parts of the Constitution of 1901.
So what advantage is there to rewrite a new constitution? Some groups think we are not smart enough to know when to tax and when not to tax ourselves. I submit that we know when to call for more taxes and when to reject any new taxes. I further declare that we all are highly agitated with overpaid public officials already – too much waste in every office and at every level, too much lavish furniture and computers and too many high-priced cars, many of which can't even be accounted for by employees and officials. It's enough to turn our stomachs; yet more power is wanted to override the needs and wishes of the people of the state.
Home Rule will bring this and much more in a new constitution. Next, the loudest voices come from too many already on the public payroll. Some well-paid college professors would be oh so eager to rewrite the constitution but what would they write in for themselves and their friends in high positions? I submit that the hired help at any level of state, county or city employment are not qualified to bellyache to the taxpayers concerning the matter. They have a serious conflict of interest in the issue. In fact, if they do their appointed jobs, then Alabama can be a better place.
Much has been said about the special interests of 1901; well, you have not seen anything yet! Those who consider themselves as the elite and the super endowed don't care about the rights of the average citizens in Alabama; they only care about the rights of their good ole buddy who only wants power over all of the people! Besides if those who serve us now in Montgomery change their minds and flip-flop on a daily basis, how can we be comfortable with anything they do on issues like a new constitution. Think about it! Speak up!
Maston Mims Sr.
Former State Senator

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