Dress code not as important as education

Published 5:36 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
I am writing in regard to the school dress policy. I think it is a shame that the way kids dress is more importnat than their getting an education.
My grandson is having to sit in the office instead of a classroom because he forgot to wear his belt. His waist is a long way from his brain. If his pants were falling off him, I could understand the concern about the belt. But I think it is a disgrace that a child wearing a belt is more important than his being in a classroom learning. How can the kids be expected to learn if it's going to be a big issue made over forgetting to wear a belt.
It's not surprising if you will stop and think about it, why there is so much violence in kids today. Making a child stay out of class because of not wearing a belt or for wearing the wrong color jacket in freezing temperatures is not right.
The kids had better be in uniforms wearing certain colors, shoes, etc., but yet the teachers and other employees can wear regular clothes and any color. I think if the kids are going to be punished for something as simple as not wearing a belt, then everyone who works at the schools should also be in uniforms and should be made to sit in a corner all day without pay, if they should go to school wearing anything other than the school uniform, belt, shoes, socks, jackets.
Last week a parent called the school concerning a student, and the phone in the office was answered by a child. The child was informing the parent that her child would not be allowed back in class until a certain matter was taken care of and her child would be getting a paddling by the principal. Since when did the schools start being operated by children? If the children are going to be able to stay in the office and handle important issues, then why can't a child be allowed in a classroom without a belt? Why was that child allowed in the office to answer the phone and give reports to a parent about another child? It's things like this that cause kids to become angry. That other child should not have been told anything about the other student and should not have been allowed to answer the phone to tell the parent about her child.
Parents, you need to listen to your child and find out what is happening in the schools today. Do we send our children to school to sit in an office all day because of a forgotten belt or do we send them to school to learn? Children should be in classrooms.
Thank you for letting a concerned grandparent have her say.
Barbara Lindsey

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