Offense soars in early T-ball games

Published 5:39 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Advance Managing Editor
The Atmore T-ball League got the 2001 season underway on March 24 with an opening ceremony and the initial games of the year.
Following is an update of how the teams have fared:
Falcons 27, Oilers 18
The Falcons got off to a good start with a 27-18 victory over the Oilers on March 24.
Dustin Mack led the Falcons with four runs scored while Jacob Lisenby, Jacob Gibson, Millard McWhorten and Tyler Fountain each scored three times. Others making an impact for the Falcons were: Chelsey Ramer, two runs; Bradley Jefferson, two runs; Wesley Jefferson, one run; Gracie Godwin, one run; Frederick Knight, one run and Trestin Hazley, two runs.
For the Oilers, Tywan Dixon led the way in the lose, scoring four runs and driving in four more. Dustin Lindsey and Malcolm Black each scored three times and had one RBI each. J.B. Holland finished the game with two runs scored and one RBI. Hunter Dettling scored once and drove in four runs. Others helping on offense were Shonnan Huggins, one run and two RBIs; Kenneth Sager, one run and two RBIs; Dustin Bishop, one run and one RBI. Tiarra Sharp and Dalvin Montgomery each scored in the game while Skylar Mothershed and Abby McCullough each had one RBI.
Mets 24, Blue Flames 29
The Utility Department Blue Flames scored a five-run victory over the Masland Mets, 29-24 on April 2.
Toconian Brown had the hit of the game with a long drive that bounced up and over the fence for a homerun. He finished the game with three runs scored and seven RBIs.
Others helping in the win were: Phillip Carter, three runs, two RBIs; Ty Brown, four runs, three RBIs; Trista Presley, two RBIs; Steven Rawlinson, three runs and two RBIs; Hannah Hinton, three runs; Brandon Martin, five runs; Dezarae Turner, three runs and two RBIs; Ty'shawn Riley, two RBIs; Benjamin Baker, two RBIs; Derrick Brown two runs and one RBI and Bradely Sanders, two runs and one RBI.
For the Mets, Jody Day, Zachary Wall and Brett Helton each led the team with four RBIs. Day also played well on defense as he made an exceptional catch and then tagged a runner for the second out.
Other leaders for the Mets were: Taylor Helton, five runs; Cody Lowrey, four runs, one RBI; Cameron Murphy, three runs and three RBIs; Logan Smith, three runs and two RBIs; Hunter McKay, two runs and two RBIs; Lexy Tullis, two RBI and Chelsea Williams, one run and one RBI.
Shockers 39, Challengers 25
The Shockers shocked the Pepsi Challengers in a 39-25 victory on Apr. 5.
James Dean had the hot bat for the Shockers as he had 11 RBIs and scored six runs.
Others helping in the victory were: Raven Barac, six runs; Dane Eiland, six runs; Brandon Brown, six runs; Blake Quimby, six runs and four RBIs; Mason Caraway, two runs and three RBIs; Casey Freeman, five runs and seven RBIs; Kit Leachman, five RBIs; Austin Shuttlesworth, three runs and one RBI, Tory Brown, three RBI and Karen Eiland, three RBIs.
Coolers 31, James Gang 14
The Coolers were red hot as they defeated the James Gang, 31-14 on April 5.
Wyndell Archie led the way to victory with five runs and five RBIs. Others helping in the win were: Tanner Boartwright, five runs; Jordan Sasser, five runs; Clayton Vickery, four runs and four RBIs; Dustin Wilson, four runs and four RBIs; DaeJon Burrows and five runs, four RBIs; Monya Brown, two runs and four RBIs; Zachary Johnson, three RBIs; Brannon Freeman, two RBIs; Tucker Boatwright, two RBIs and Canyon Moye, one RBI.
Darren McGhee led the James Gang with four runs and three RBIs in the loss. Others who produced were: Chance Jackson, three runs; Tee Howard, one run; Dillon Rolin, one run and three RBI; Cole Whatley, three RBI; J.D. Carter, one RBI; Sydney McGhee, one run and one RBI; Aaron Purvis, one run and two RBIs; Brad Rolin, two runs and Casey Jackson, two RBIs.
Falcons 24, Killer Watts 14
The Falcons soared as they outscored the Killer Watts, 24-14 on April 9.
Nicholas Linam drove in five runs and scored twice to lead the Falcons. Other leaders included: Chelsea Ramer, two runs; Bradely Jefferson, two runs and two RBIs; Jacob Lisenby, three runs and one RBI; Jacob Gibson, three runs and three RBIs; Wesley Jefferson, three runs and one RBI; Frederick Knight, two runs and two RBIs; Dustin Mack, two runs and three RBIs; Tyler Fountain, three runs and one RBI; Tristan Hazley, four RBIs and Millard McWharten, two runs and two RBIs.
Leading the Killer Watts were Nolan McAnally, three runs, one RBI; Caleb McAnally, two runs and two RBIs; Bryant Lane, two runs and two RBIs; Jameika North, two runs and two RBIs; Tristan McAnally, one run and one RBI; Chase Jaye, two RBIs; Landon Kirkland, two RBIs; Austin Cunningham one run and two RBIs and Conner Jaye, two runs.
Pumpers 16, Coolers 11
The Pumpers earned a victory over the Coolers, 16-11 on April 9.
Leading the Pumpers at the plate was Caine Smith as he scored twice and drove in four more. Others who were productive included: Quinton McLaughlin, two runs and one RBI; A.J. Matthews, oen run and two RBIs; Austin Albritton, two runs; Zach Hadley, two RBIs; DeMarcus Clark, four runs and one RBI; Tyler Chandler, one run and one RBI; Amber Greenwood, one run; Sharayna Johnson, one run and two RBIs; Samantha Miller, one RBI; Zach Ingram, one run; Tyler Mitchell, one RBI; Tyshaun Boben, one RBI and Adrian Primn, one RBI.
Wyndell Archie led the offense for the Coolers with two runs and three RBIs. Others chipping in on offense were: Tanner Boatwright, one run; Jordan Sasser, one run; Clayton Vickery, two runs; Dustin Wilson, two runs and one RBI; DaeJon Burrows, two runs and one RBI; Brannon Freeman, three RBIs; Canyon Moye, one RBI and Cheyenne Harrison, one RBI.
More scores will be upcoming in Sunday's Advance.

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