Family of fire victims also suffered

Published 6:18 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
April 15, 2001. Easter Sunday. That was when death struck Jason and Floyd Richardson along with an 8-year-old girl killed in a house fire in Walnut Hill, Fl. And our family felt more pain when it seemed as if no one wanted to acknowledge the grandmother and father of those two innocent little boys, along with their three surviving sisters Alonda, Deidre, and Amber.
Lena Mae Richardson of Walnut Hill was those two boys, loving and caring grandmother. She has known them since they were babies and did the best she could in her feeble body to see about all of her grandchildrens needs. But the actions of other individuals to hide the other half of Jason and Floyds identity was very painful. Lena Mae loved all of her grandchildren dearly and the thought of her rightful place as their grandmother being stripped away is a hurtful thing, especially when she has loved and cared for them during the majority of their short lives. Floyd Richardson is their father, and others were shocked to know that their father was still alive. Of course, he hasn't made a lot of right decisions in his life and his children are in the care of their great aunt, Katie Mae, but let God deal with him. Dont punish him for something that only God and God alone can and will handle.
Too many of us today are so set upon being evil, and allowing old family squabbles of the past or present separate us in this time of devastation and healing. We prayed and thought in our minds that this incident would bring some people together in doing their best to bring the family closer and make sure that the three surviving sisters of Jason and Floyd, know that their grandmother, father, aunts, uncles, and others love them. But sometimes, things don't happen that way. God is the judge of all things and his designated time, under heaven, will surely come to uncover all works, good and evil. God will allow these human walls, meant for evil and continuing separation, to come tumbling down as if it were the walls of Jericho. Only in God's time, the purpose will come to uncover a greater good. But if you dont know anything else, know this: we do not seek any compensation from the community for the lost of our dearly departed Jason and Floyd, we, the Richardson family want them to rest in peace, and we must allow our spirits to be set free knowing that we loved and will always love them. Lena Mae Richardson has been and will always be Jason and Floyd's grandmother and their father will always be their father. We thank the community for helping Alonda, Deidre, and Amber out during this difficult time. We greatly appreciate it, and please keep us in your prayers.
The Richardson Family

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