Carriers bring in total of 4,794 pounds

Published 6:50 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
On behalf of all the postal workers, we want to thank the citizens of Atmore for giving the amount of 4,794 pounds of food. You have helped feed those that will not be able to get a good meal.
The donations show that Atmore is a giving town and that when there are people in need you are there to help.
To the guys at the radio station, I personally want to thank you for the effort you gave by keeping it on the radio for us. Without your help in getting the word out some would have missed it. You did a great job.
To our carriers for bringing it in, thank you; to the postmaster and the supervisor, thank you.
Thanks to the clerks for not only doing their jobs, but also helping by taking the food over the counter.
Again, I cannot express into any words the appreciation we have for all of your help. Thank you does not give you the praise you deserve, but I hope you will accept it and be out there again next year.
Thank you, Atmore.
NALC Letter Carriers
Ronnie Lehman
Shannon Hughes
Robert McGhee
Randy Barrow
David McCants
Patricia A. Reynolds, Shop Steward
Tonya Rabon
Robin Stanton

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