Falcons finish season undefeated

Published 7:08 pm Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Advance Managing Editor
The Atmore T-ball League completed the 2001 season Saturday with several games and a closing ceremony to honor the players and the team sponsors.
The Falcons outscored the Challengers 33-23 on closing day to finish as the only team with an undefeated record through the season. They posted an overall record of 11-0.
Leading the way for the Falcons was Nicholas Linam who scored four runs and drove in eight more.
Other offensive leaders for the Falcons included: Jacob Lisenby, five runs; Bradley Jefferson, five runs; Millard McWhorten, five runs and four RBIs; Chelsey Ramer, five runs and three RBIs; Frederick Knight, three runs and two RBIs; Gracie Godwin, one run and one RBI; Dustin Mack, three runs and three RBIs; Jacob Gibson, one run and five RBIs and Trestin Hazley, one run and three RBIs.
Game totals for the Challengers were not submitted.
Shockers 31, Oilers 30
The Shockers ended the season on a dramatic note as they edged the Oilers, 31-30.
James Dean led the Shocker offense as he scored five runs and drove in six RBIs.
Other leaders at the plate included: Raven Barac, four runs scored; Dane Eiland, six runs and one RBI; Blake Quimby, five runs and five RBI; Brandon Brown, five runs and five RBIs; Kit Leachman, three runs and four RBIs; Casey Freeman, one run and six RBIs; Tory Brown, one RBI; Mallorie Murphy, two RBIs; Austin Shuttlesworth, one run and one RBI and Mason Caraway, one run.
Leading the Oilers was Tywan Dixon. He scored six runs and earned six RBIs.
Others helping at the plate included: Malcolm Black, six runs scored; Kenneth Sager, five runs; Dustin Bishop, six runs and four RBIs; Tierra Sharp, three runs and three RBIs; Hunter Dettling, three runs and six RBIs; J.B. Holland, one run and four RBIs; Shonnan Huggins, three RBIs and Abby McCullough, four RBIs.
Coolers 24, Mets 23
The Coolers held off the Mets in a close contest, 24-23.
Leading the way to victory offensively was Dustin Wilson. He scored three runs and batted in four others.
Other offensive contributors included: Tanner Boartwright, three runs and one RBI; Jordan Sasser, four runs; Clayton Vickrey, three runs and one RBI; Wyndell Archie, three runs and three RBIs; DaeJon Burrows, three runs and three RBIs; Brannon Freeman, two runs and three RBIs; Robin Swift, three RBIs; Cheyene Harrison, one RBI and Tucker Boatwright, one run and two RBIs.
Game totals for the Mets were not submitted.
Blue Flames 26, Chickenhawks 15
The Blue Flames finished the season with a 26-15 victory over the Chickenhawks.
Leading the Blue Flames at the plate was Torian Brown who compiled five runs and five RBIs.
Other offensive leaders included: Phillip Carter, four runs scored; Ty Brown, five runs and one RBI; Trista Presley, five runs and two RBIs; Hannah Hinton, one run and one RBI; Steven Raulerson, three runs and six RBIs; Derrick Brown, one run and five RBIs; Dezerae Turner, one run and one RBI; Bradley Sanders, one RBI; Brandon Martin, one RBI; Tyshawn Riley, one RBI and Kishan Patel, one run and two RBIs.
Game stats for the Chickenhawks were not submitted.

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