AACCM filling need in community

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Atmore Area Christian Care Ministry
The Atmore Area Christian Care Ministry has been operating for only four months, but the response and the need for this ministry has proven to be tremendous. Churches and individuals in Atmore have supplied almost $8,000 of direct financial assistance to those who have had emergency or crisis needs. These needs have included surprisingly large power bills, medical supplies, rental assistance, travel needs, bus tickets and food. Over 4,000 food items have been donated and distributed through the Atmore Area Food Bank.
More than 200 individuals and families have made applications and received help through the AACCM. The Board of Directors and volunteers want to thank the community for the tremendous response that has supplied so many needs in our community.
This ministry is a response of God's people and His church. Twelve congregations are making monthly contributions and more than 40 individuals have also contributed to this ministry directly. Some congregations are making a budgeted monthly contribution. Others are receiving special offerings or are considering fund-raising efforts. Any way a church would like to participate is appropriate and encouraged. We have seen a steady interest in our work, especially when congregations send to us those who have a need. Our ministry is to help in the name of Christ. Our volunteers might pray with a person over the need in their life or family. We encourage every person to connect with and attend a local church and we often have the opportunity to explain that faith in Christ is the most significant decision we can make in life. It is good to be able to tell a person in need that the believers in Atmore have help and prayers and faith to share with them.
The AACCM is run and staffed by volunteers. This means that every dollar contributed goes to those in need. The response has been very healthy; however, the fund balance has fallen consistently since the Christian Care Ministry opened. A healthy balance built for two years as the AACCM prepared to open. At the end of May, the fund balance had fallen below $3,000.
The Atmore Christian churches are finding that this ministry is not only effective but also brings believers together to do what Christ called the church to do: to minister to others in His name. Each church can respond to the variety of ways in which help is needed. Currently, the Atmore Food Bank needs flour, meal, cooking oil, sugar, peanut butter and jelly. Glass containers are discouraged.
The Atmore Area Christian Care Ministry is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, 9 a.m. until noon. The office is located in the old city hall building in the former American Red Cross office. You can reach the office at 446-3476.

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