PCI selects new leaders

Published 7:58 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Advance Staff Writer
Five incumbents were voted off the Poarch Creek Indian Tribal Council in Saturday's election.
David Gehman, Lavan Martin, Fred McGhee, Pearline McGhee and Terri Watkins lost their bids for re-election. Fred McGhee also lost his position as tribal chairman.
Amy Bryan, John A. McGhee, Mal McGhee, Carolyn Rackard, Tim Ramer and Peggy Couch received the most votes for the five positions up for election.
Ramer and Couch tied with 209 votes each. The winner was decided by a coin toss.
Ramer won the toss and will take a seat on the council.
Voting was as follows:
Amy Bryan – 124 machine votes, 90 absentee votes, 214 total;
Peggy Couch – 73 machine votes, 136 absentee votes, 209 total;
David Gehman – 137 machine votes, 47 absentee votes, 184 total;
Lavan Martin – 82 machine votes, 44 absentee votes, 126 total;
Fred L. McGhee – 154 machine votes, 50 absentee votes, 204 total;
John A. McGhee – 157 machine votes, 169 absentee votes, 326 total;
Mal McGhee – 145 machine votes, 190 absentee votes, 335 total;
Pearline McGhee – 86 machine votes, 27 absentee votes, 113 total;
Keesha O'Barr – 78 machine votes, 61 absentee votes, 139 total;
Carolyn Rackard – 153 machine votes, 165 absentee votes, 318 total;
Tim Ramer – 130 machine votes, 79 absentee votes, 209 total;
Teresa Thomas – 106 machine votes, 79 absentee votes, 185 total;
Terri Watkins – 111 machine votes, 27 absentee votes, 138 total.
Brian E. Wicker and Bridgett Rolin received two absentee votes each.
Council members who were not up for re-election this year are Eddie Tullis, Daniel McGhee, Buford Rolin and Ronnie Jackson.
One third of eligible tribal members have to vote to make the election valid. That number in this election was 582. The vote exceeded that with 615 tribal members casting ballots.
Tribal members had until 5 p.m., Tuesday, to contest the results of the election, Parker said. If no one contested the election, the Election Board will sign and certify the results today, Wednesday.
The new tribal members will be sworn in Sunday, June 10, 2 p.m., at the Tribal Council meeting. Chairman Fred McGhee will conduct the old business portion of the meeting, then turn it over to Vice Chairman Buford Rolin.
A new tribal chairman may be elected by the council at that time.

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