We need candidate who shares our views

Published 8:36 pm Wednesday, June 20, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
With the state-wide primary elections now less than one year away, I feel that the voters of district 22 should be asking themselves some serious questions.
Is there someone in district 22 who will run for state senator who will not vote pro-abortion; who will not sponsor or co-sponsor any and every kind of gambling legislation; who will not try to block public access to senate proceedings, whether through the internet or even public television or radio; who will not sponsor legislation that will allow alcohol sales in our state parks; who will not loan or purchase any kind of vehicle with campaign contributions?
It is time that we had someone represent us who really votes the way the majority of us who live in these counties think and believe. It is time we had a conservative evangelical Christian (these are not curse words) represent us in Montgomery.
I repeat my question: Is there someone in district 22 who will stand up and run for election in 2002? If there is, that person will have my support 100 percent, whether that person is male, female, black, white, or purple.
Jim Lambert

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