Hobson strikes out in justifying court fees

Published 9:04 pm Wednesday, July 4, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
The so-called Investment in Justice Act bragged about recently is an attempt to soothe the public anger and dissatisfaction with the addition of $30 in every case to come before the courts. This all comes from Dr. Rich Hobson, administrator of the courts of Alabama. His episol says that the 1999 act of the legislature has brought in an additional $18.4 million. In addition, he says another $12 million has been collected to pay lawyers for indigent or court-appointed lawyers.
Dr. Hobson goes on and on tyring to soothe the public. He gets so confused in his attempt to tell us what has happened, he thinks we are not able to interpret a law that takes from us over $30 million n more than before the 1999 law. This is no myth as Dr. Hobson attempts. This is a real issue! Hobson would have been smarter to leave this issue alone. His long-winded attempt to justify additional taxes for the people of Alabama is a total strikeout.
Just recently the courts were in mourning about having to lay off some 360 court employees because they didn't have any money. Dr. Hobson must realize he is the hired help. Perhaps those elected should explain the fact they took in $30 million more, yet the staff employees are being laid off. Something doesn't add up. Just who gets this extra money n the judges and the D.A.s? There are only 67 counties with an average of two judges and one D.A. per county. That adds up to just 201 plus a handful of State Appeals Judges and the Alabama Supreme Court Justices. That's a little over 225 to split up the $30 million! If Dr. Hobson has a problem with his job, I am sure there are others who are more qualified to fill his position.
The oddity of all this is that some of this money could have been used for education and now the supreme court sits over cases involving a battle between K-12 and higher education. Does this sound like a myth? Not to the average voter. Speak up Alabama and ask questions. It is your right.
Maston Mims Sr.

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