Governor should read what he signs

Published 9:48 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
Hit and miss again. The governor is the chief executive officer of the State of Alabama, yet it seems he does not read well enough to know what is going on when the legilature is in session.
Now, many remember he ran on a lot of hot air about accountability. Long trips abroad takes away his thinking! Not only does his reading fall short in legislation, but many around him just don't get it. They are to busy making sure their private deals are great for themselves and forget about the job that they were elected to do.
The governor should read and re-read any bill he signs or pushes. Doubt has arisen over a $110 million bond issue regarding what it can, or can not, be used for within the state. This is simply a matter of being totally irresponsible! A simple matter of a misplaced word here and there changes the intent of any piece of legislation.
It seems we continue to have more special sessions to correct the mistakes made in the previous sessions. To continue having sessions to correct or change the intent of the laws is wasteful. The bills that the governor fails to read properly or that his staff fails to understand should not be signed by the governor.
Every time we have a special session over such matters is like leaving the barn door half open and then start yelling when the horse goes galloping down the road. Its wasteful. Totally wasteful.
The governor, and governor alone, is to be held responsible for goof-ups and waste.
Speak up, Alabama. It's your right.
Maston Mims

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