Will train of change finally stop at ECHS

Published 9:58 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2001

By Staff
To the editor:
As the start of the 2001-2002 school year begins, the teachers at Escambia County High School are in a position they are not accustomed to n not worrying who will lead them into the coming school year. Could this be the year ECHS manages to keep a principal?
I know first-hand that ECHS has some of, if not the best, teachers in the world, yet they are often treated as if they don't deserve the treatment one gives a pet. They, the faculty, have been taken on a train ride which included stops at Leonard, Taylor, Mixon and Smithville. Is this the year that train finally stops in Atmore for good? Mr. Smith, you can do it!
Teachers are often considered as people whose main purpose is to mold today's youth into the leaders of tomorrow, but where is it stated that teachers don't need a little encouragement or the occasional pat on the back? No, they don't get paid as much as they should nor do they receive the credit that is due to them, but as long as they "Keep the Faith," their day will come.
Ending a letter that is only intended to motivate those who need motivating, don't worry, ECHS, because as long as you keep producing the likes of Nettles, Rehorn, Wolfe, Dunlap, Kemp, Moorehead, Quimby, E. Sharp and Carlton, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Keeping my eye on you,
Robert Weaver

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