Siegelman, Windom have failed to lead

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, September 12, 2001

By Staff
To the Editor,
Time to bottle up and go! Some while back, this writer called attention that certain officers of ALFA could best serve Alabama by offering their resignations. We now have a like situation in both political parties in Alabama in the race for governor.
I am reminded of an expression once used widely by workers. When they became dissatisfied with their bosses, you could hear the expression to the owners that it was time that certain people needed to bottle up and go.
Now, based on radio call-in programs, both the governor and the lt. governor should forget it! Street talk finds both of them in a very bad predicament because of their actions during their current service to the state. In fact, the stores and shops give a good and true indication as to the outcome of the next election. It would be a wise business decision for both since we know how much money they have gathered up. They don't need the governor's office.
Both men have failed the people of Alabama. Badly too! A lot of people just want them to bottle up and go. Ask around and see for yourself. They need to go!
Maston Mims Sr.
Former state senator

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