Will this surpass the Kennedy question?

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, September 12, 2001

By By Sherry Digmon
I never thought there would be an event that could supplant that question in the minds of my generation.
That will be the new question for those who listened incredulously to their radios as reports of the attack on Pearl Harbor crackled into American homes and businesses.
That will be the new question for those of us who watched television and saw an assassination take place before our eyes and watched the subsequent events that surrounded that one earth-shattering event.
These atrocities have one thing in common n they cannot be believed. They are beyond our human realm of understanding.
Each time we say, "This cannot happen."
And we think that nothing worse could happen.
Yet, it does. And Tuesday, it did.
Will you remember what you were doing when you heard the news about the terrorist attacks?
Were you at school? At the store? Getting ready for work? At work? Running errands? Eating breakfast?
Didn't it start out as just a normal day?
Personally, I will remember sitting at this desk, hearing the news, and experiencing that same sinking feeling I had years ago when somebody said to me, "President Kennedy was shot."
Suddenly, the stories I was working on for the paper you hold in your hands didn't seem so important. Suddenly, tens of thousands of people were thrown into chaos and thousands were dead. Suddenly, the nation tensed. Suddenly, we were all vulnerable.
With every catastrophe, we change as a nation. We hurt and we heal. But the pain this time is so far-reaching. The wounds are so deep. The loss of life is so massive. This healing will be a long time in coming.
We pray God's strength and courage for the ones who will search for survivors and recover the dead.
We pray God's comfort and blessings on the victims and their families.
We pray God's mercy and healing on our land.
God bless America.

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