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Published 1:09 am Wednesday, October 24, 2001

By Staff
If you've forgotten that this is the week of the annual Williams Station Day in Atmore, you've probably either had your head in the sand or you've been immersed in other activities.
In either case, we want to encourage you to come out of hiding and participate in what should be a spectacular gathering of community in Atmore as we showcase our heritage before thousands of people who have traveled to spend the day with us.
Every year, it continues to draw people to our town.
We expect this year to be equally successful if not more so.
It's day made for the family and for friends, for a rich heritage and for celebrating life.
With all that has happened in recent weeks, it's something we could all use to strengthen our wills and brighten our spirits as we hope to forget about the tragedies that have befallen our fellow countrymen and their loved ones.
It's a time when things should be clear for us; when we can take a new, fresh evaluation of what matters and what's important. To us the answer seems obvious our friends, our families and our own hometown.
We share a common tension right now. These are uncertain days. But there's something concrete and reassuring about being with our friends, celebrating our heritage.
We can be sure that whatever else goes on in the world, one thing remains the same our love for each other.
Come out to Williams Station Day on the 27th. See some folks you haven't seen in a while. Buy a new piece of artwork or yard art. Eat a sandwich and have a glass of lemonade. Listen to some good music.
There will be plenty there for you, your family members and your friends to do. Whether it's shopping for something creative and unique or taking the kids on a train ride around the grounds of the park, you will be sure to find plenty of fun.
So make the 10th Annual Williams Station Day as good as it can possibly be as it brings in the crowds. Go. Be there with your family in tow listening to the music, savoring the flavors of the food, and relishing the company of a neighbor.
We'll be looking for you Saturday in Tom Byrne Park. Bring your family and your smiles and we'll all have a great time together.

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