Reader to Dr. Salter: Hold your head up high

Published 2:06 am Wednesday, November 7, 2001

By Staff
This letter was written to Dr. Delaine Salter, whose medical license has been suspended pending a Jan. 30, 2002 hearing. The letter was submitted to The Advance for publication.
Dear Dr. Salter,
I just read in the Atmore paper about your problem. I am also a victim of Atmore's viscous lies and rumors. A lie so horrible I ran to my pastor in Pensacola in tears telling him the rumor. He reassured me that God knew the truth and also showed me scriptures in the Bible about liars, talebearers and what their future would be one day. He also pointed out that Jesus was also a victim of the Pharisees of his time which ultimately cost him his life.
I have been a patient of yours before. My mom was your patient, as were other relatives and friends. You have always treated each of us with the utmost respect and have always been a great doctor. We believe in you, we trust you and we will pray for you and for justice for you. And please, don't let these lies, rumors and the Pharisees of this town tear you down as they have tried and failed to do with me. If you choose to leave Atmore after this, no once could blame you. But my suggestion would be to stay as I did, hold your head high, and tell them all to "kiss this." And my God have mercy on the citizens of this town.
Christine Schweiger

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