Salter's compassion, concern, speaks for itself

Published 2:05 am Wednesday, November 7, 2001

By Staff
This letter was written to Dr. Delaine Salter, whose medical license has been suspended pending a Jan. 30, 2002 hearing. The letter was submitted to The Advance for publication.
Dear Dr. Salter,
This is an open letter to you and the public to express my love and appreciation for the care, concern and welfare you have given me and my husband Larry for the last 12 years. I have taken him to the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Pensacola, Mississippi, and Wichita, Kansas for someone to help him with severe headaches, depression, seizures and other physical problems n but to no avail. You, Dr. Salter, with your compassion and concern and most of all your ability of being a very competent physician has given him the will to live and face another day. Now he can sleep six to eight hours without waking up with pain.
Since Larry's closed head injury he received from falling down stairs Sept. 26, 1989, many doctors told us that he would not live long and that he would probably have a clot. He now has two large scar tissues in his right temporal. Thanks to you for encouraging him and for caring, you have given him the right medicine, but most of all you are always concerned about his health and mental attitude. Also, Larry would have bled to death two years ago from an ulcer, but you diagnosed it in time and saved his life. He has also had two strokes and you again saved his life.
Dr. Salter, I would like to thank you for seeing me as a patient. I do not have any insurance, but you never once told me to pay my previous charges before you treated me for my physical problem. Being a diabetic and having a thyroid abnormality, high cholesterol, and asthma, I have been to your office many times with breathing problems, and you have always seen me right away.
Dr. Salter, I have never been in the medical profession, but I have been married to a laboratory manager and a regional hospital administrator for more than 30 years. I know your ability of being a caring doctor, Christian, and a friend to the sick.
Larry and I pray that whatever problems you have with the state or whomever will be resolved. We hope to see you in your office soon. If we can be any assistance, please call.
Love and respect and God bless you.
Linda Presley
cc: Richard Shelby
George Callahan

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