Anti-progressive attitude harms community

Published 3:14 am Wednesday, November 28, 2001

By Staff
Good Morning, Atmore! How does your air smell today? I've seen buckets of tears and heard prayers for laid off people to find work.
Every industry that has tried to locate here has been turned away; someone has a sensitive nose or something was wrong. Progress and growing had always been stopped by a few people. Your children and grandchildren have to look elsewhere for jobs. We have nothing left for anyone to get jobs. These layoffs have a domino effect. This kind of layoffs hurt other jobs associated with them.
I rode the truck with my husband. We picked up products from chicken farms and processing plants and hauled it back to Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. I never smelled a stink in the air as we waited to load and I have a very sensitive nose.
What are unemployed people going to use for money while they go to school? Some single parents are being laid off. Everyone needs an income. Expenses go on. Are any of the people who have fought so hard, patted your backs and loved your success at defeating any progress for the citizens of this area going to make any contributions? Empty buildings will not fill empty stomachs or pay medical insurance or any of the necessities of life.
We came to Atmore in 1939; we went to school at ECHS. Progress has been slow. We don't make our living here; many people don't either. I ride to town now in a car. Back then we went to town in mule and wagon. We were poor but my Christian father (J. T. Taylor) saw that we kept a positive attitude and always prayed abut any problems we had. Thank God for my father.
One other thing I must address. I've read every word of the battle for Indians to buy property in Atmore. I'm not on the roll at Poarch but my father was. I'm proud of my Indian heritage. I have dear friends (Indians) that are devout, hard working Christians.
The attitude the people making decisions on this is just next door to prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination or just plain old hypocrisy. No one objects to the money they spend in Atmore. One of my dear friends went to a meeting and said, "What if they buy a house and want a juke joint.'" I was appalled. Zoning laws would prevent that. Indians are like any other race. Some have high goals; some live differently. Broaden your minds leaders of Atmore.
God bless each of you who have lost your job. I pray you will be successful in finding work quickly. Wake up, Atmore! We need to be able as citizens to vote on any decisions concerning our future and welfare. We don't want to become a ghost town.
My respects to all of you,
Nioma Taylor Stewart

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