Missing man search continues

Published 5:30 am Wednesday, January 2, 2002

By Staff
Staff Report
PERDIDO — Continued investigation by the Escambia County Sheriff's Department still hasn't yielded a trace of Woodrow Judge "Token" Allen, a 25-year-old white male, from the Perdido area near the edge of Escambia County.
Last week, the Sheriff's Department conducted a third search of the area where Allen was last seen three weeks ago, but was unable to turn up new leads to his current location.
Escambia County deputy sheriffs rode horseback through a wooded area near Nokomis where Woodrow Judge "Token" Allen, a 25-year-old white male, was last seen.
He was walking through the woods from a friend's house to his own home on Dec. 13. Allen, who resides on Ammons Road which runs along the Baldwin-Escambia county line, was known to have made that same walk many times in the past. His mother reported the disappearance on Dec. 17.
Lieutenant Mike Lambert led a search party through the wooded area last week.
Sheriff Tim Hawsey said with each search the deputies are expanding the perimeter.
"Nothing has turned up yet," Hawsey said. "We have spoken with a lot of people and another search was conducted in the area where he was last seen. We've been in there about three times and each time we broaden the perimeter."
As of last week, Hawsey said investigators had questioned 18 people regarding Allen's location.
One of those people told deputies he heard Allen had been killed and thrown into Dyas Lake in Baldwin County. A diving team searched the lake and found no sign of Allen.
Hawsey said the investigation will follow every lead that is presented, but that his office cannot base an investigation upon rumor and speculation.
"Just like the Dyas Lake search, we will follow any lead. But, we can't turn this into a murder investigation based solely on what somebody thought they heard," he said.
Hawsey described the disappearance as "suspicious," saying that there were "people" who were "upset" with Allen.
Still, other than hearsay, Hawsey said there is no conclusive proof to indicate that the disappearance is associated with foul play at this point.

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