Atmore City Jail inmate trustee takes a leave of absence': Walks out of county jail, dosen't come back

Published 5:54 am Tuesday, January 8, 2002

By By Robbie Byrd
News Editor
An inmate being held at the Atmore City Jail is now on the lose.
Shato Gray, 23, a black male of Atmore walked out of the Atmore City Jail Monday night after completing his work detail for the day.
According to Chief McKinley, he is not a threat to the community.
"Basically he was a good guy that got into a little trouble," McKinley said. "We don't consider him a threat."
Gray was serving prison time after being arrested to pay fines in connection with a fine from a harassment charge.
A trustee at the prison, Gray decided on Monday night to walk away from the prison shortly after his work detail was done.
"He was a trustee, and he had a little freedom to work around the jail," McKinley said. "He's been here before, and he was a trustee before. I guess he just decided he had been here long enough and excused himself."
McKinely said Gray has no record of violent crimes, and has served time before.
"He has about 5 old traffic fines he hasn't paid," McKinley said.
Gray was serving time stemming from a harassment and third degree assault case involving his girlfriend.
McKinley said that he is not a threat, but is facing felony charges upon capture.
Gray would have been wearing an orange jumpsuit and flip-flops. Anyone with information to his whereabouts is asked to call the Atmore Police Department at 368-9141.

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