ECMS administration was right on tongue ring issue

Published 6:29 am Wednesday, January 16, 2002

By Staff
I am writing in regard to Kris Runyon's suspension from ECMS. I, for one, support the school system 100 percent. Also, I say that if his mother cared about her son, she would also support the schools and their policies. She should also want her son to look and present himself as a young man. Get rid of the long hair and the earring.
From one mom to another, I know that it is hard to raise kids these days. I have two of my own. The problem is that some kids (and parents) do not have any respect, responsibility, or perhaps they just don't care. Just because a child can dress himself, does not mean that he is on his own without adult supervision. I hope that Kris has rules at his house that he must obey. A child can get very confused if a parent makes him obey her rules, but tells him that he doesn't have to obey the school board rules. If he can't or won't follow directions, how is he going to hold down a job? Is his mother going to support him all his life? When she is no longer able to, are we the people suppose to support him? TAKE THE EARRING OUT! An earring is an earring no matter where you wear it. A hat is a hat. If you wear it on you head or strap it to your foot, it is still a hat.
When I was young, I didn't like my parents rules, so I left home. Now that I am a parent, I look back, and I understand what the rules were for. They were for my own good. Now I have rules that my kids have to follow. They may not always get to do what they want to do, but they will grow up the know that they have a mother who loves them. My kids have friends at school. They have parents at home. A friend likes you, parents love you. It sounds to me like Kris needs less friends and more parents. A parent who wants to be both, needs to be a parent first and then a friend.
I say this to Kris's mother, Angela. If you care about Kris's education and his future, you will support Buck Powell, Herbert Payne, and the school system. It sounds to me that Kris may be better suited in a school that is geared toward fashion and fabrics. You have to ask yourself, which is more important, Kris's education and future, or Kris's fashion statement. If you choose his fashion statement, I hope you will be able to look at yourself in a mirror one day, and like the person who is looking back. Like I sometimes say, "Life is not fair. But it isn't a circus, either."
To answer Angela's question, 'When is it going to stop?' It will stop when parents take responsibility and teach their kids to have respect for themselves, others, and authority figures.
Now for my question. If the earring was not a distraction, how did anyone know it was there?
Rhonda English

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