EsCo Sheriff's Department's facts' bring many questions

Published 6:28 am Wednesday, January 16, 2002

By Staff
I can't sit here and NOT say a word about the recent article published in your newspaper about Mr. Day. What troubles me most are the comments made by Sheriff Tim Hawsey.
In my opinion this article and statements made by the Sheriff are very misleading. First of all Sheriff Hawsey, please tell me and the people of Escambia County just how hard it is to "locate" someone that owns a THRIVING business in Escambia County and that, going by the article, the Deputies should know where Mr. Day lives, how hard can it be to "locate" him?
Also referring to the article, the Deputies "finally located" Mr. Day on Hwy 31 in the Nokomis area, correct me if I'm wrong, did the Deputies travel Hwy 31 to reach the destination where they stopped Mr. Day? If so, they would have had to pass Mr. Day's place of business, so you can't have me to believe that the ECSO DOES NOT know that this business exists.
My point here is if the ECSO has been trying to "locate" Mr. Day, why haven't any Deputies or Sheriff Tim Hawsey been to the business to try and "locate" Mr. Day?? Mr. Day also has a Telephone in his home and referring back to the article, if the ECSO has made any attempts to call Mr. Day, they would have been referred to the place of business with a name and telephone number.
So tell me, Sheriff Hawsey, how hard was it to "locate" Mr. Day. The article also mentioned an incident on Oct. 28 that supposedly involved Mr. Day.
The Deputies responded to a report about a shooting, referring to the article, (the statement made about the shots made toward the vehicle), it's unclear in the paragraph whether or not the Deputies "learned" from Mr. Allen or Mr. Day that the shots were toward the vehicle. And now I understand that the investigation for this shooting has been "ongoing" since Oct. 28. By the records of the ECSO when was the investigation concluded on this report?
While I'm trying to make sense of this article, could someone tell me if the ECSO had a warrant for "all" these charges when the Deputies "finally located" Mr. Day or was he in custody when the charges were made against him? You ask me why I feel the article is misleading, read it for yourself, then ask yourself these same questions. Thank you!
Susan Walker
McHenry, Miss.

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