Parents shouldn't

Published 7:31 am Wednesday, January 30, 2002

By Staff
be problems, too
Dear Editor:
I think our rights as Americans gives us the right to worship any god that we choose, and that right has been challenged many, many times over the years with always the same outcome: We have freedom of religion.
When a person doesn't understand a particular religion they assume that the religion is that of something ungodly or call it witchcraft, voodoo, and/or Satanism. Why is it people will not take time to understand another persons religion/and traditions?
"And I for one" would expect more from a God-fearing person than that which was printed in the paper on (Jan. 23 edition of The Advance),why can't we all get along?
It's people like the author of this letter that keep hatred in the world and it takes one attitude like yours to start a war. We all need to realize that the year is now 2002 and it's time for a change, isn't it enough to have war overseas? Do we need to have it on our on porch as well?
I think that parents do not have the grip on their kids that they are required to have.
For example, I think that a parent who teaches their children hatred and hostility toward a different race, religion, sex, or ethnic group should not have the audacity to say that they are whatsoever good parents. To be a parent you must be willing to accept things that cannot be changed by you or me.
You must be a hypocrite to write things, and say things that were said about a race and religion that you know nothing about, to take the time to say that witchcraft is practiced by this race is foolish and hypocritical on your part. We have traditions as does your family. Just because our belief is different from yours, or our skin is a different color, just because we're called Indians, doesn't take away our rights as Americans.
And if you think you can take them from us by writing a few foolish words you are sadly mistaken. Our spirit has lived a long time and we will keep on living.
As for your son, the school district has rules to abide by and if it be your child or mine that cannot abide by those standards, then he or she should be disciplined by not only the school, but also by the parent. But then again it's parents that don't care about rules and regulations who can put down other people, and religions, and say that they are good parents and teach their children well.
We have enough problems with children in school without parents being a problem too.
Harry E. Brochard

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