Tongue Piercing Turned Racial

Published 7:32 am Wednesday, January 30, 2002

By Staff
I am writing in response to Ms. Carter's letter to the editor concerning Rhonda English's response.
I don't understand how this tongue piercing turned into a racial war. In Rhonda English's letter to the editor, l agree with her completely. You can call me ignorant, narrow-minded or what ever, but I don't think what she had to say had anything to do with race.
But, in your letter you said "I am not a loving and caring mother because I support my son in his decision." Your son is not old enough to make any decisions. You as his mother should make his decisions until he is 18. I don't think anyone is downgrading your son; it's you that is making this such a big deal. Have you bothered to ask your son how all of this is making feel, or how this is effecting him in school? No, probably not, Forgot this is all about you and your culture. I get the impression, that you are a hostile woman, and that you keep trouble stirring.
I was at church Sunday, my pastor brought this up in his sermon. I will have to agree with him, all this body piercing and tattoos is just not God-like. I believe before you make any major decisions that will effect yours or someone else's life you should pray about it. You may not get an answer right away but I promise, if it deserves an answer you will receive one in time. I think if you would attend some type of church maybe your morals would be a little higher. I will keep you, your family and your culture in my prayers. I hope that when you find God you will make a stand for him as you have for this ridiculous fashion statement.
Ronda Smith

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