Parole delayed for sex offender

Published 7:52 am Wednesday, February 6, 2002

By Staff
Robert Blankenship, Staff Writer
A man who was found guilty on various sexual misconduct charges in Escambia County will soon face a parole board with a chance of early release.
Robert Tedder, along with his wife, Eva Tedder, were residents of East Brewton when they were arrested and charged with multiple sex offense charges in April, 1984. Robert Tedder was found guilty in Sept. 1984 on eight misdemeanor charges including public lewdness; indecent exposure; displaying, distribution, exhibition or possession with intent to display, distribute or exhibit obscene works to minors as well as five similar charges of exhibition and aiding and abetting in exhibition of obscene performances in front of minors.
After being found guilty on the misdemeanor charges, R. Tedder faced felony charges in a separate trial. Due to media exposure, the trial was moved to Monroe County where he was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years by Judge Robert E.L. Key. Tedder was found guilty on three charges of enticing a child and one count of sodomy, first degree.
Tedder was scheduled to face a parole board on Monday morning, but his hearing will be delayed for another 60 to 90 days according to Cynthia Dillard, assistant director of the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles.
Tedder has served more over 14 years of his sentence.
Dillard said Tedder's parole will have to meet certain criteria in order to acquire his freedom.
"We will look at the details of the offense and look at the effect those offenses had on the victims," Dillard said. "We will look at his prior criminal history, his behavior since the arrest, any protests or recommendations on his behalf and his support and plans for after release."
Oland Gibson, a resident of East Brewton who remembers the incident, is making an effort to keep Tedder behind bars.
"The people of East Brewton remember this," Gibson said. "It was a bad, bad situation. As a father and a grandfather, I don't believe he needs to out on the streets."
Escambia County District Attorney Mike Godwin said he has not spoken with Tedder is some time. But, he said he remembered that Tedder was not remorseful of his crimes.
"We suggest that parole be denied due to the lack of remorse and effort to seek treatment," Godwin said. "He found nothing wrong with what happened and said he was (persecuted) due to his lifestyle. He has shown no remorse."
Godwin said the district attorney's office is generally opposed to the parole of sex offenders.
Gibson said he has found local officials to be receptive to joining the alliance to keep Tedder behind bars.
"Local officials have been very interested in helping keep him in jail," he said. "They know what kind of man he is."
Gibson is attempting to persuade public officials and citizens to write to the parole board to tell them to deny parole.
"Due to the nature of his crimes, he does not need to be out in society," he said. "The crimes he committed were against children. What's to say he wouldn't do it again."
Time is not on Gibson's side as he only heard about the parole hearing recently. With the hearing scheduled for Monday morning, officials with the parole board must obtain written requests for denial by Thursday afternoon. The parole board will review the letters and take them into account when deciding whether to grant or deny parole.
"Any citizen can write letters asking that parole be denied," he said. "They will have to fax a letter to the parole office by the end of the day Thursday."
Gibson said residents interested in sending a letter could do so by faxing to 334-242-1809.

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