Pray for Israel and America

Published 8:19 am Wednesday, February 13, 2002

By Staff
To the Editor:
A T.V. person recently asked her listeners what they thought was the worst problem facing our state. I did not respond to her but will shed some light on our greatest problem. None of the civil leaders and very few of the religious leaders are incorporating Scripture prophesy (promises) into their messages to our people.
The Book of Revelation reveals an ever-expanding war which will include mass-kill weapons, great pestilence and a severe depression or famine. Public and private indebtedness will insure the very worst scenario, because the reliance on money has gripped our society to the point that lawlessness and chaos will prevail when millions cannot get a good job to maintain their customary standard of living. (For additional insight, review the hardships suffered in the 1929 depression.)
Also, reject the civil and religious leaders that declare that we all worship the same god. That is a lie straight from Satan and Hell. The elect in Christ only will not be deceived. I am sure that these and all other hireling shepherds' all have their individual motives for not being the Watchmen on the wall' that the Scriptures in Ezekiel chapter 33 declare they should be.
Pray for Israel and America and all the millions who have been deceived into thinking their eternal life in Christ is secure for the catch up' of the true saints could happen at any time.
Brother Ray Senn
Pleasant Grove

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