Trial lawyers sucking milk dry from state government

Published 8:51 am Wednesday, February 20, 2002

By Staff
To the Editor:
Alabama politics….
My mother always taught us never strip the third teat dry. Their calf had to have one teat to grow on.
So now it seems all four teats are taken by Alabama government and leaves almost no milk to live on in this state.
Every day by use of lawyer confidentiality, we strip the teat dry at the government's milking time and hear a change of blame almost every single day.
They are considered to be smart people but never know how to tell the truth. Some people would climb a tree to tell a lie when they can stand on the ground and tell the truth.
The real problem is they want all four teats and think nobody will notice the calf, which is our government, is starving and everybody is too dumb to do anything about it.
Starting with no-bid contracts and trying to hide behind a call for a constitutional convention as a diversion from the high dollar hand-picked consultants and contracts by lawyer privilege should move every respectable lawyer to rise up in rage at the milking of Alabama.
Things change from day to day so fast that the legislature should adjourn and go home.
I am reminded of the difference between right and wrong by the quotes of Rep. John Hunt (R-N.J.) in the early 70's in reference to the every day "isms" of government as follows:
Nothing is more dangerous in this country than the so-called "smart people" who become completely obsessed and controlled by greed.
In our government the signs are standing out clear as can be seen: greed has taken over at every level.
Ask questions, demand answers and protect your rights!
Maston M. Mims
Former State Senator

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