Gasoline prices ridiculous

Published 12:56 pm Friday, July 5, 2002

By Staff
To the Editor:
Maybe one of your readers can answer my question. Why is the price of gasoline so high in Atmore?
According to the 6th Edition of "Comparative Data on Alabama Counties," Escambia County receives NO gasoline tax money while Baldwin County receives $.5 per gallon. Atmore does get $.2 per gallon, as do other Alabama cities.
I was in Gulf Shores 10 or 12 days ago and saw gasoline prices varying from $1.329 down to $1.239 per gallon. A "Major" oil company station there was selling gas at $1.239 while across the street another was selling at $1.249. A wide range of gasoline prices between here and there, but the nearer you get to Atmore the higher the prices go. Our stations here in Atmore have gasoline prices that average $1.369 per gallon. This situation is repeated if you go north to Monroe County.
Can't help but remember that Escambia County Does Not Get Any Gasoline Tax Money while Baldwin County gets $.5 Per Gallon. This does not make much sense considering that when you can purchase gasoline in Baldwin County you save from $.8 to $.12 per gallon.
I bought gasoline in Pensacola last week for $1.239 while at the same time a Florida station near the State line at Atmore is priced at $1.399.
I would like an explanation for why we can't purchase gasoline in Atmore for the same prices as in surrounding areas.
Keep in mind the fact that while Escambia County gets no benefit from gasoline taxes Baldwin County with the cheaper gasoline prices gets a $.5 per gallon windfall on each and every gallon.
Giles Chapman

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