Coinage could become issue following recent pledge ruling

Published 1:08 pm Monday, July 8, 2002

By By Caitlin Channell, Staff Writer
Has the mention of God within the federal government become unconstitutional?
It seems so as one judge takes the charge against god in government.
The 9th Judicial Circuit Court ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance could no longer be echoed in the halls of public schools because of the words "under God."
Mike Newdow, the Californian instigator of this sudden turn of events, believes that the mention of God should be removed from coinage as well as the allegiance.
A fury of debate has risen over these issues not only nationally, but locally.
Dale Hurst, senior vice president and cashier of 1st National Bank, disagrees with the idea of changing coinage.
United Bank corporate secretary Charles Karrick took a similar view on the matter.
Karrick believes that changing the coins won't change the character of anyone.
In light of these recent issues, it seems that many people are reevaluting their
opinion of constitutional rights and the fine line that divides church and state.
Local business owner Edith Beans has mixed feelings over the idea of removing "in God we trust" from coinage.

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