Airport bridge closed: County unsure when bridge will be repaired

Published 1:57 pm Sunday, July 21, 2002

By By Caitlin Channell, Staff Writer
Blocked off for nearly three weeks now, the bridge on Airport Road shows no sign of being repaired.
And residents show no end in their fight to get it repaired.
The bridge was closed because it was declared unsafe for the public by Escambia County. However, none of the residents of Airport Road were informed of the bridge's destruction.
Escambia County Administrator, Tony Sanks, said that it could be several more weeks until the road will be accessible.
Larry White, Escambia County Commission chairman made it clear that the Commission is working on the problem.
The plan is to go before the Commission and try to make some temporary repairs. After the repairs we'll hopefully have the bridge replaced under the state bond issue.
We'll know more after our meeting on Monday. I do want to ensure the public that we are trying our best to hurry this along, but unfortunately this will take some time," said White.
Unfortunately the Airport residents will have to continue living with the situation for an undetermined amount of time. Sank estimates that it will be nine months until the bridge reopens although he gives no guarantee.
Airport Road resident Winnie Bryant no longer enjoys the ease of driving down the road to visit her friends.

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