Better not litter, better not frown cause Santa Don's coming to town

Published 2:43 pm Wednesday, August 14, 2002

By By Robbie Byrd, News Editor
In a few short weeks, Atmore will be visited by a political official that ranks right up there with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and yes, even Santa Claus.
They're those mysterious seemingly mythical creatures that come and bring wondrous gifts. But, you never see them.
Well, my fingers are crossed that we will all get a chance to see Alabama Governor Don Siegelman this Wednesday, Aug. 21 when he is set to come to Atmore.
Not exactly one to miss an opportunity to campaign, as was shown at this year's Alabama Press Association summer convention in Orange Beach, it surprises me that Siegelman missed his own deadline to show up in Atmore during July.
Criticizing Gubernatorial candidate Bob Riley for not showing was not exactly the thing to do, considering he had just missed a chance to speak to the people of Atmore, a much larger crowd than the few hundred press representatives at the conference. In fact, if you think the Santa Clause reference is a bit much, you should have heard how Santa Siegelman referred to Riley's absence, saying "Where's Waldo?"
His promise of a July visit really had a bunch of people working as hard and furiously as they possibly could to get ready for his visit. The weeks slid by, and no Gov.
Now here we are again, given a date when Santa Siegelman says he'll be here. And, as the rest of you probably will do, I plan to work to clean up our town as if he was coming when he says he is. And I'll be as furious as a ten year old who doesn't get what he wants for Christmas if he misses us again.
Officials with Siegelman's office say he's bringing all his special industry "helpers" with him to survey the area.
Initial reports said that Santa Siegelman would be flying in on his "sleigh," a state-chartered airplane that would more than likely land at Atmore airport.
But, considering Atmore Mayor Howard Shell's big Christmas wish for an automobile industry spin-off plant here in Atmore for Christmas, wouldn't be appropriate for Siegelman and his "elves" to ride in their fleet of Elantras? I'm not sure, but I can imagine they're aptly named "Dasher, Danner," and etc…
But seriously, it is the Governor we're talking about. And no matter how many jokes he may be the brunt of, he's our state's top elected official, and when he comes to our town, we should treat him as such.
Tidy up around your home. Spruce up your business. Tinsel up the town. Heck, even hang out some mistletoe. But whatever it is you do, let's make sure our town is the cutest little village this side of the equator.
I urge everyone of Atmore to make an impression Santa Siegelman, er, I mean, Governor Don Siegelman will be sure to remember when he heads back to the South Pole… I mean, Goat Hill.
Robbie Byrd is news editor for The Advance and a firm believe in Santa Claus. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 368-6424.

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