To the Editor:

Published 2:47 pm Wednesday, August 14, 2002

By Staff
I am writing this letter to thank all the great folks of Atmore who helped toward the First United Methodist Church's Mission trip to Jamaica. My granddaughter and I where two of the very lucky ones to go.
No words can express the gratefulness for your help.
The trip to the Hanbury Home in Mandeville, Jamaica was one of the most rewarding things that I have ever been involved with in my life. There were 80 of the most loving and wonderful children I have ever seen.
We worked painting, tiling, electrical work, Bible school and many other things.
At the end of each day we were all so tired a shower and bed were all we wanted, but the next morning everyone was ready to go back. We knew there was much more work to be done, but I think most of us wanted to see the kids again.
When we would arrive at the home there would be no children around, but before we could get off the bus here they came. They wanted their hugs, both the young ones and the teenagers.
And what a blessing it was to see their faces light up when they got the hugs. We accomplished much more than we thought we would and that just added to the blessing.
Needless to say none of us wanted to leave. There is so much more work there that needs to be done. The Major and his wife who run the home do the best they can, but it take people like us and you to make a lot of it happen.
Thanks to Dr. Doug Newton our minister and his wife Gaynelle, who without them we would never have known about the Hanbury Home and these precious children. Thanks to them for getting this mission up and giving us the honor of going and being a part of this home.
Again thanks to Atmore for support from your money and from your prayers.
Faye Metsch

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