To the Editor:

Published 3:06 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2002

By Staff
I have lived in the Atmore area all my life and raised three kids. Over all, we have a great place to live.
It has come to our attention that in the future the mayor may annex us into the city limits. The citizens of Martinville do not want this. We enjoy our county living. Most of us have livestock of some kind. You can't live in the city and keep livestock.
Does Shell think that we will just roll over and let this take place? I think the mayor is going to use us and Atmore for extra taxes so we, like Atmore, can pay the million plus dollars he plans on spending without votes. Mr. Shell is not sure any company will want to build on that land. He has not asked the citizens of Atmore if you want this.
Until just a few weeks ago none of us even knew anything about this, city or county. Why was it such a secret? What did the mayor have to hide? Is it because he doesn't want people out in Martinville to know that he is going to annex us in without a vote? We, with you, will pay and pay until someone stops this. We want to vote! We have every right to vote on this.
Citizens of Atmore and other smaller areas, stand up now! Do not lay down and say, Oh! you can't fight city hall. You can. That is what the U.S.A. is all about: the right to vote.
If we have to be annexed into Atmore city limits, please, Mr. Mayor, let the people vote. That is all we ask.
June Carver

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