Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, October 30, 2002

By Staff
Saturday's Williams Station Day was a success not because of the beautiful weather but because of the hardworking team that brings one of the best fall festivals to Southwest Alabama every year.
When we arrived at center stage, Nancy Helton was confidently bringing out more literature for the outside booths. Keith Castleberry was coordinating stage setup, not even noticing the continual drizzle. Chamber of Commerce Director Emilie Mims was greeting folks with a smile. Jerry Gehman was on the mike, setting up the day's entertainment for the audience while Willie Hawthorne was preparing to deliver one of the most beautiful renditions of the National Anthem that I have heard in a long time.
Poor weather was not allowed to be a factor in the success of William's Station Day and a success it was for the citizens of Atmore. That "never give up" attitude is symbolic of the pioneer spirit that settled the area. My husband and I were proud to be part of it.
Kathy McCoy
Jerry Daniel
P.S. Today I am proudly wearing my William's Day T-shirt designed by the incomparable artist Larry Manning.
In June of 2001, you printed my letter where I asked if there was anyone in Senate District 22 who was willing to run for that office who would not vote pro-aborition; who would not sponsor or co-sponsor any and every kind of gambling legislation; who would not try to block public access to Senate proceedings, whether through the Intert or public television or radio; who would not sponsor legislation to allow alcohol sales in our state parks; and who would not loan or purchase any kind of vehicle with campaign contributions.
Thankfully, that question has been answered with a resounding "I will" by Sheldon Day of Thomasville. I encourage everyone who lives in District 22 who believes this way to vote for Sheldon Day on Nov. 5.
Let's send a strong conservative to Montgomery from this district for the first time that I can remember. Vote for Sheldon Day.
Jim Lambert

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