More young people should vote

Published 5:02 pm Sunday, November 10, 2002

By Staff
There is a disheartening epidemic spreading throughout the world today, although I do not think most people have taken notice. This disease has infected people of every age, race and sex. It is a silent predator, but its effects are blatantly revealed right here in my hometown. I am talking about apathy.
According to the Oxford Dictionary I so fortunately possess, apathy means "lack of interest or feeling." I believe that this is the very well reflected in this week's election turnout. A great many Alabamians are dissatisfied wtih the government of our country, state and city. However, many people choose not to exercise their most convenient outlet for social change – the right to vote.
As a young adult, the social consciousness of my peers greatly worries me. I am 20 years old, and not a single one of my friends voted on Tuesday. How can my generation be expected to take any responsibility when the time comes?
We must all grow up someday, and when that day comes we will be expected to continue the progress of our parents and grandparents. There is an infinite number of problems to be solved in our city, state, nation and all over the world. How can humans advance if no one cares?
It is easy to turn off the TV when we see poverty, crime nad war, or to simply say "I hate the government, I don't care" … but these concerns are all reality. It is each person's responsibility to acknowledge these issues.
If one does not agree with our current state or local government, the least he/she can do is vote. It was only in the last 100 years that women gained the right to vote, and that African-Americans were truly given access to voting. Our ancestors fought very hard for this right, so now we should continue their strength and determination by changing and bettering society to the best of our ability.
I hope that the next time I go ou and vote, I will see more young adults. In fact, I wish that everyone in Atmore would register to vote and use this power! It is very easy to register, and voting takes no more than five minutes. All of the workers at the polling place I went to were very friendly and helpful.
Why not vote? You even get a sticker. If you are not going to vote, please spare me your complaints about the government.
Suzanne Digmon

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