Strapped for gift ideas? Try Atmore Gift Certificates this year

Published 5:37 pm Wednesday, November 20, 2002

By Staff
For those needing to know what to do in regards to holiday shopping, here's an easy solution. Just stop by the Atmore Chamber of Commerce and buy some Atmore Gift Certificates.
The program is a simple one, but it's not often used. The Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce sells the gift certificates in various denominations throughout the year. Simply stop by, purchase the amount of certificates you need and then give them out as gifts or spend them yourself.
The certificates can be used at any merchant in Atmore, specifically those that are members of the Chamber of Commerce. The certificates spend just like normal currency, and the merchants are reimbursed by the Chamber of Commerce.
This holiday season, purchasing gift certificates only makes sense. Not only does it get some people off your Christmas list easily and quickly, but it also helps promote the idea of shopping at home.
All in all, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Employers can purchase them for employees, students can purchase them for teachers and just about anyone that is hard to buy for should receive these gift certificates. Not only is it a good gift program, but you might be surprised what shopping venues are discovered when you hit the local stores first.
Not to mention that utilizing the gift certificates cuts down on travel time and expense to other cities and towns, it reduces stress because of the ease of shopping locally and it turns money back into the community via sales taxes and the like.
So make your list and check it twice. Then figure out who on that list could benefit from Atmore Gift Certificates. It might just surprise you how many people will really appreciate the gift.

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