Sometimes, people just need to grow up

Published 6:35 pm Tuesday, December 3, 2002

By By Lindsey Sherrill
Staff Writer
I have noticed an alarming trend in this country as of late. Although it has become especially apparent in the last several months, it is really an attitude that has been growing throughout the last century. This problem is that of irresponsibility and placing blame. I have written about this before, but I feel that the issue needs to be addressed once again.
This topic, that of people not being willing to accept responsibility for their own actions, is a growing problem. Everyone tries to portray themselves as a victim and gaggles of "bleeding hearts" try to gain sympathy for these "victims." This attitude of being a "victim of circumstance" or "I just didn't know" has been exploited to a ludicrous degree. One ridiculous example of how this problem has escalated is that of fast food restaurants placing disclaimers on hot beverages for fear of hapless customers suing them for being burned. How crazy is that! Anyone with the slightest bit of sense realizes that hot coffee is just that-hot-and that if they are burned it is no one's fault but their own.
However, in today's society, that concept of common sense and self blame seems to be a foreign one. It seems to be simply easier to sue another than to admit fault. This appears everywhere. Take for example the cases of the tobacco companies being sued. As if people don't realize that smoking can be hazardous the second they light up! And the suing of gun manufacturers. How can the maker of the weapon be held responsible for what is done by violent individuals who posses it? It is absolutely ridiculous. The latest spree of lawsuits seems appears to be directed at casinos. Apparently, gambling addicts wish to sue the for their addictions. What's next? Suing alcohol manufacturers because you are an alcoholic? Or malls because you are a "shop-aholic"? How about Hershey's? After all, if you can become addicted to chocolate then why not?
And just in case there was any doubt that the world has gone mad, let us take the example of the obese New York teenagers suing McDonald's for their weight problem. This case is to me the most incredibly, unbelievably stupid misuse of the law system that can be allowed. How can such a gross indulgence be permitted? McDonald's is a business that deals in food. Every thinking person realizes that the food can lead to health problems if consumed in large quantities. Yet these teenagers are saying that all blame lies within the chain. My question is where was these young people's common sense? Where is their parents' common sense?
Perhaps common sense is what all of these examples boil down to. In essence, people are suing corporations and citizens for their own lack of common sense! It is crazy but true. How can these ridiculous happenings be stopped and prevented? The only answer I have is this: Take responsibility for your own life. Or maybe, put more bluntly, simply this: Grow up!

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