Life truly is about the choices we make

Published 9:56 pm Tuesday, January 21, 2003

By By Lindsey Sherrill
Staff Writer
I was sitting here thinking about writing my column, but my mind seemed to be revolving around one item, one theme. Every thought in my head, every flicker of my subconscious centered around one thing: choices. My every question was about a choice I had to make – what to write for my column, where I should go to college, how I should handle a situation, even how I should do my hair tomorrow.
This made me think. Isn't that what life is about? Isn't every moment a choice of some kind? Education is in itself a striving for one thing – the knowledge to make better choices. Every little thing in life, no matter how insignificant, is a choice. You chose to read this article. You chose to sit where you are sitting right now. I chose whether to write this over the weekend or at the last moment before the deadline.
Do you ever stop to think, I mean really think, about how choices affect us and how powerful they truly are? How a tiny little split second choice can influence every thing you do from this moment on? Its almost frightening in its scope of possibilities.
For instance, did you realize that there is an entire science based on the study of choices? That is what economics is. Lately I've had to think about a lot of choices I've got to make. College is the most important at the moment, but there are many more. I know I'm not alone in my decision making either. It is something that all of us deal with constantly.
I just wonder, do we think enough? Do we ever really stop and ponder what our choices are causing? Do we see the whole "ripple effect" picture? I think maybe we need to think more often of the effects our choices are having on not only our futures, but also on the futures of others. Perhaps we need to stop more often and consider our decisions-not only for our own sake, but also for everyone else around us.

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