Readers weigh in with Kmart opinions

Published 9:57 pm Tuesday, January 21, 2003

By Staff
I'm very glad and happy for what the community, Mayor Howard Shell, Congressman Jo Bonner and everyone is doing to help keep the local Kmart open. That's because if nothing is done and nothing works, then I'll have to find another job, which I do not want to do.
That's because I will be graduating from high school in May, and I plan on going to college. Kmart is a good place to work while trying to go to college. I've been there a while and I would hate to have to leave all my co-workers just because of this.
So please keep trying and all that matters is that we tried, we just didn't give up. That is the key word.
Jamie M. Shipp
Last week's newspaper noted on the front page the need for keeping Kmart and a need for more money in the school system. It also quoted the Mayor, saying the city would have to cut back.
There is enough money within a five- to 10-mile radius of Atmore to furnish adequate sales taxes for the school system and for the city; and enough businesses to keep Kmart and other local businesses running, if most citizens would shop locally.
One of our few freedoms left is the right to spend our money where we want to and how we want to. Therefore, the above paragraph is a wish that won't ever happen. This is going to get worse, not better. More sales taxes will be going to other towns and cities, instead of less.
What can the school system, the city and private businesses do about it? Not one thing. Look at Perdido, look at Canoe, or you might look at Nokomis. All thriving areas at one time. It is a sign of the times.
Jerry Cochran
(Editor's Note: The following letter was presented to the Atmore Advance, and a request was made to publish it in order to show some of the efforts of residents to keep the local Kmart store open)
James B. Adamson
Dear Sir,
We are writing to make a case for keeping Kmart Store #4833 in Atmore, Alabama open.
Many of us Atmore and surrounding area citizens are older folks who are unable to make trips to other cities for purchases. Many of our children have left the area and are no longer available to take us shopping.
The store is a vital part of the Atmore community, not only for shoppers and as an employer but also as a large source of city sales tax revenue. Its closure would leave a large void in our community, including the loss of a significant amount of school tax revenue that is desperately needed in our area.
Within a 100-mile radius, we have a retail shopping zone of well over 1 million people and, withing 50 miles, there are 800,000.
Your consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciate.
Best Regards,
David Tillery, Judy Tiller, Heather Caraway, Joan Gibson, David Gibson, Rebecca Thompson, Steven Thompson, Ray Fransen, Edna Tillery, Rita M. Jones, Katie Dreadin, Gayle A. Hanks, Rev. W.D. Hodge, Carolyn S. Smith, Bryant Strawbridge and Dorothy McGill

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