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Published 10:37 pm Monday, February 3, 2003

By Staff
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There has been a lot of talk recently about proration, whatever that is), and the effects it will have on our schools. And even talk about closing Huxford and McCall schools. First, let me say that closing the two schools in the county that do the best job of educating their students and utilizing the educational funds allotted them borders on stupidity.
If anything, we should be studying these two schools to see why they're performing at a higher level than the rest. With that said, let us address the solution, not the problem.
We all know what the solution is – money. And where do we get money – taxes. We can debate the issue of whether to add a sales tax, which can be passed by the county commissioners and get quick relief, or an increase in ad valorem tax, which would take longer and must be voted on by the people, while the problem worsens.
But debating does not educate our children. We spend too much on housing, educating, and rehabilitating the criminals in our prisons and jails and not enough on our kids education. It's time for the county commissioners of Escambia County to do what they were elected for.
Make tough decisions. Pass a sales tax package that will give the school system the needed funds. Then we need to get an ad valorem tax increase on the ballot for the people to vote on. I personally believe that the people of Escambia County feel that our children's education is the best way to spend our tax dollars.
Douglas Hale
My name is Terry Harris, and I own Terry's Cars 'N' Trucks in Atmore.
I saw Mr. (Eddie) Tullis on the news, and he made a lot of sense. Our economy is hurting, our schools are hurting. If (a casino) could be an asset for our economy, we need to do this.
I am a member of Excel Baptist Church. I believe in the Lord. I believe He gave us the ability to make choices. So, if we accept the casino to help our economic pain, that gives me the choice to go or stay away.
All I am trying to say is bringing in a casino is a whole lot better than raising taxes. It will create more jobs for a better economy.
Terry Harris

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