Rash of car break-ins reported

Published 12:26 am Wednesday, February 26, 2003

By By Paul Keane
Residents are being warned to take normal precautions as police investigate a rash of car break-ins and burglaries in the past few days.
Atmore Police Chief Jason Dean confirmed that a number of vehicles have been broken into over the past week, with various items being stolen out of them. He also said the break-ins have happened in different areas of town, meaning no pattern has developed in regards to who might be committing the crimes.
"We do have some suspects that we're looking at," Dean said. "Right now, though, we haven't tracked them down, but we will.
"This has been going on for about a week now, with probably two or three break-ins a night. And it's all over town, not in one general area.
"One night, we'll get calls from one area of town, then calls from another area the next night. There is no pattern, other than they are happening late in the night and in the early morning hours, after midnight."
Dean said residents can protect their vehicles and valuables in a number of ways, with the main ones being locking vehicles and not keeping valuables inside a vehicle overnight.
"You need to keep your car locked, first of all," Dean said. "If you keep any valuables – such as cell phones, purses wallets or other items – in your vehicle, then you need to take them into the house with you or conceal them in some way so as not to be in open view.
"Don't give someone a reason to break into your vehicle. If they don't see something valuable inside, the chances of them breaking into the vehicle are less. Also, if you have a porch light or a light in your carport, leave it on at night. That kind of illuminates the vehicle and will discourage people from coming up to it."
Dean also pointed out that residents should contact the Police Department if they see anyone suspicious walking in their neighborhoods or looking into vehicles.

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