Letters to the editor as published in the March 5, 2003 edition of The Atmore Advance

Published 12:52 am Wednesday, March 5, 2003

By Staff
Positive that things must change
We have been reading every paper since my last letter and have noticed someone who didn't sign his or her name to their letter saying it has been enough negative talk. We need some positive words. Specifically, this was written in the editorial our view. So here are six things we are positive of:
1. We are positive we have one Fred's store closing to open a new Fred's store in a new location meaning no new business, just a change of location.
2. We are positive the old Kmart building was sold for less than the city paid for it some years ago.
3. We are positive in Wed. Feb. 19th paper not one word of the new Fred's itself bringing not even one more job was mentioned.
4. We are positive we agree with Mr. Ray Harrells letter in Sundays paper.
5. We are positive we hope and pray Atmore starts to grow and more jobs and revenue become available.
6.We are positive we have to make changes in Atmore now before there is no Atmore to change.
Now with all the above said we would like to ask a question. We would also like for someone to answer that question with a letter to the paper. From comments made at the town meeting in Flomaton, Buck Powell said he didn't care what happened with school problems because he had no kids here in the school system and would never have a child live in Atmore again. Is this true? We can't help but to wonder what will happen when our own superintendent doesn't care what happens. We would also like to hear from the Board Of Education if he indeed meant what he said how they feel about it?
Doug Byrd
Join the American Legion
Attention! All eligible members or renewals: It is so very important that you join our American Legion Auxiliary. This includes daughters. From birth to 18 years of age or until you get married you would be a junior. After that you would be considered a senior. Please call me for all of this information. To join junior dues are $6.00 per year and seniors are $15.00 per year. We have a page of benefits for you all who join or renew.
We would love to have as many of you as possible to attend our meetings and help us carry out our programs but know for various reasons everyone can't attend. You don't have to be from Atmore to join. All you have to do is call or write me and I'll be happy to give you all the information you need and sign you up. I know that in Atmore, Flomaton, Century, and the surrounding areas we have people out there that are eligible. Please come and help our Veterans and also help yourself to our many benefits.
Just stop and think about this earnestly. Don't say I don't have time. If you can participate you can help more than you can ever realize. I see many heart broken veterans in our V. A. Hospital and State Veterans Home who just love a visit, a friendly hello, a card, anything that lets them know you care. When we send in reports from our units and posts it lets our Departments in Alabama and all over the United States American Legion posts and Auxiliary get reports finalized and in turn National American legion and Auxiliary lets our Congressman know what we are doing for our veterans and Committee and we will defend and help our Veterans and if they don't we will know who to vote for when election time comes around. Think about this as our department Membership Chairman states. As the drums of war sound louder, our brave servicemen and women are deployed by the thousands. When these same troops return home some will need a great deal of help. Who will care for them? Will we be there for them? It is vital that we work diligently on the home front to "shore up" our membership. this is a great way for all of us to show our support for our troops. We cannot go to war with them, but we can prepare for their return. Please show your patriotic colors, wave your American flag, join our American Legion Auxiliary and let you colors shine. Invite a friend. We'll be happy to welcome them also. Remember, America has always stood together. United we stand. God Bless America.
My telephone number is 251-368-4496. If I'm not home, leave a message. I'll be happy to return your call.
Merriline Garrett
American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 90

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