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Published 1:53 am Wednesday, March 19, 2003

By Staff
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An innocent life is snuffed out every few seconds in America's animal shelters. Some of these animals have been given up because of behavior problems. Many others just had the bad luck to be part of an unwanted litter, born to parents who had not been spayed or neutered. Most had the potential to be loving pets. All deserved to live full lives as cherished companions.
Although animals suffer the most from this tragic state of affairs, humans pay a cost as well. American taxpayers pick up the tab for this misery to the tune of over $1 billion per year, deeply cutting into other special programs.
Spay/neuter is a proven means of successfully addressing these problems. While the number of cats and dogs kept as pets has increased by 116 percent since 1973, the euthanasia rate has fallen from 13 million to approximately five million today, thanks to the implementation of spay/neuter and educational programs. Spay/neuter works because it prevents the births of unwanted litters, and it eliminates the risk of a number of serious health problems – conditions which often lead people to give up pets.
Escambia County Human Society and Spayd with Heart wants to do its part by sponsoring the Third Annual Spay Week, March 17-21. We have teamed up with the local veterinarians in Atmore to offer 10 percent off spays and neuters.
Now, we need you to do your part. Please take advantage of this offer. This will help insure the number of unwanted litters will decrease this spring. If your pet is already altered, why not think about sponsoring someone else's pet, like a friend, neighbor or family member?
Susanne W. Sirmon, President, Escambia County Humane Society
Rhonda Kelmer, Vice President, Escambia County Humane Society
We have all heard raising taxes will cure everything. We all read in the paper that school teachers received an A on their grades. This means they are doing an outstanding job. I have three children in public schools now and I would like to thank the teachers for working hard enough to earn such a grade. I know it was no easy task. Buck Powell said more money will improve student grades. I ask you will your paying more taxes make your children smarter? I personally don't see how and I am very surprised an educated man would say such a thing.
The term there has not been a tax increase since 1927 is not totally true. If every homeowner will look back, I am almost positive if they have lived there seven to 10 years they will find they pay more in taxes now than the first year. Any way you look at it more money for taxes on your home or property now than when you first bought it means there was a tax increase. With this being said, think about the school system asking for not twice but over three times as much tax money going from 3 mill to 13 mill, meaning an additional 10 mill in tax money.
The total 2001 school year revenue was $33, 656,071.07. The total 2001 fiscal year spending was $36,438,686.87. This means there was $2,782,615.80 more spent than was in revenue for the year. Maybe instead of tax increase, we should place someone on the Board of Education that can actually set a budget and stick to it. As an adult I know I can not spend more than I earn. I know and I am sure everyone would like to spend more than they make and then say well Mr. Boss I have to have a pay raise to cure my problems.
On the positive side, I have heard of three new businesses coming to town. This means new jobs and more revenue, that is what we need. I hope this is just the beginning and there will be more businesses to follow. It is sad when our children graduate high school or college and have to move far away just to have a good job.
Doug Byrd

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